About us

Our company offers a wide range of metal processing solutions. Our ambition is to produce challenging and untypical objects of the highest possible quality. In our projects we often combine metals with other materials such as glass or wood. Our long and vast experience in construction industry allows us to closely cooperate with top-notch interior designers and architects. Sometimes we feel inspired to create our own contraptions – from ones that are minimalistic and elegant to those which strike with wild and surrealistic forms. We cross the limits, we are beyond comprehension, we exceed all the norms.

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We create elements of interior finishes and fittings, as well as land development, such as steel stairs, steel furniture, interior and front door, gates, bars, fencing, lamps, hangers. We specialize in producing glass-paneled steel walls and door..

We can make any element look antique, we create beautiful objects from forged steel, ranging from small functional items, to tools or accessories dedicated for historical reconstruction and furniture.

We have tools and skills allowing us to weld practically anything that comes to mind – among others: black steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

We design and produce accessories for off-road vehicles, rally cars and motorcycles, as well as any other vehicles (engine covers, thresholds, piping, roof racks, bumpers, etc.)